TRY SCUBA JOINING CERTIFIED DIVERS - If you are a certified diver and would like to join a friend or family member on a Try Scuba experience, you will need to book one of the limited Try Scuba spaces simultaneously. As a certified diver, whether or not you participate in the pool session is your choice. Try Scuba is a different experience to certified diving and takes place at a different area to certified dives so being on the same boat is not guaranteed if a Try Scuba and certified dive are booked separately.

BOOKING - This site has live availability. All bookings must be made online via this website and confirmed with a deposit or full payment for diving courses. If any of our trips say 'PLEASE EMAIL' feel free to email us at so we can check on the availability for your preferred time.

PAYMENTS - At the time of booking a 25% deposit will be taken (courses are paid in full), unless the booking is within 24 hours of departure and then the full payment will be taken. If only a deposit has been made the system will automatically take the remaining balance the day before your trip is due to take place.

CANCELLATIONS - For bookings over six people, there is a 72-hour cancellation policy, and for groups of 12 or more or private charters, there is a seven-day cancellation policy. We have a strict but fair 24-hour cancellation policy for diving; any bookings outside of 24-hours before departure can be changed or cancelled and fully refunded but, within 24-hours no changes or refunds are permitted for any reason including sickness including COVID. When you book a dive spot with Sundive, you are booking one of the limited number of trip specific spots on our boats. If multiple dives are booked in a day and it is decided, for any reason, not to join us on any subsequently booked dives after your first, we will be unable to refund or transfer those dives as the spots on the boat cannot be refilled at such short notice. If we cancel your trip for any reason including weather, you are entitled to a full refund or you can reschedule your booking. Please note for dive courses the cancellation policy is 7 days in advance.

REFUNDS - Refunds are issued through our online card service provider 'Square' and although processed instantly on our side, they can take between 2 and 7 working days for refunds to appear on statements depending on the bank and card type. As of April 4th our service provider Square will no longer be issuing refunds for the 2.2% card fee. If a booking is cancelled by the booker then the card fee will not be refunded after this date but the full amount can be transferred to a gift voucher for future use. If the activity is cancelled by Sundive then a full refund including the card fee will be issued. For further info on Square's fees and refund timeframe, please visit this site:

WEATHER - All of our trips, especially snorkelling, are weather dependent. Water visibility is impossible to predict and can vary between days as well as between dives. As snorkelling takes place on the surface, good conditions are necessary for safety. If trips are cancelled due to weather, please understand this is for safety reasons (yours and ours) and is outside of our control. If we cancel your trip for any reason including weather, you are entitled to a full refund or you can reschedule your booking. we know cancellations can be frustrating but please understand that the weather and sea conditions can be unpredictable and changeable and, are outside of our control. Please be kind and polite to our staff who are only working towards a safe operation. We have a zero-tolerance policy for rudeness or aggression towards our customers and team.

GIFT VOUCHERS - If you are using a gift voucher for payment, please proceed all the way to 'Check Out' (and ignore enter promo code) where you can select 'pay by Gift Voucher' to enter your GV code and complete the transaction.

Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years and their value is defined at the time of purchase. Gift vouchers are non-refundable.

CARD PAYMENTS - Sundive employs 'Square' to deal with all our online card purchases. Sundive does not see or receive any of your credit card information, which is dealt with solely by Square. Square have a flat fee of 2.2% for all card transactions.

CHECK-IN / DEPARTURE TIMES - The time you book (7:15am, 10:15am or 13:15pm) are the check-in/arrival time, you do not need to be any earlier as your guide will not be ready to help you until this time. All trips meet at the Sundive shop on Middleton Street.

PROOF OF CERTIFICATION - If you are booked in for a certified dive, you are legally required to provide visual proof of dive certification which needs to be seen by the member of staff that checks you in. Certification can be a physical dive card or digital copy but must have a photo, name, certification level and certifying body (log books are not proof of certification). If you cannot find your dive certification we can look it up for you but please request this at least 24 hours before diving via email. If no proof of certification can be shown or found on the day of diving we will be unable to take you diving and no refunds or changes will be given.

PARKING - We don't have customer parking at Sundive but there is metered street parking on Middleton Street. There is free parking outside of the metered zone (past the tennis courts) which is about a 10-15 minute walk away. For more information on where to park, fees and time limits click here.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS, AGE AND WAIVERS - Sundive's trips take place offshore at Nguthingulli Julian Rocks where there are no immediate medical facilities and strenuous exercise may be required. Sundive's trips are therefore unsuitable for anyone with any medical condition that requires a medical device such as a pacemaker, insulin-dependent diabetics, allergy sufferers that require an epi-pen and asthma sufferers who require an inhaler. Please note that anyone checking in on the day announces they require an epi-pen, inhaler or any other medical device that we will be unable to take them on the trip or refund, reschedule or credit their booking.

Both SCUBA divers and snorkellers over 70 years of age require a doctor's medical performed within the last 12 months incorporating clearance for SCUBA diving or snorkelling but also including strenuous activity. This must be sent to Sundive before the day of your trip.

If you are unable to agree to the terms and conditions of any Sundive waiver due to a previous or existing medical issue, we will require a recreational SPUMS (South Pacific Underwater Medical Society) diving medical to take you diving or snorkelling, this can be acquired at the Bay Medical Centre. Please familiarise yourself with the waiver if you are unsure before making your booking: Diving Waiver 

FITNESS LEVEL & LAUNCH SAFETY- Our boats launch directly through the surf which at times can be time sensitive with water and waves. Our staff will help as much as possible if required but, for the safety of our staff and guests, we require our guests to be able-bodied for the launch, be able to react quickly and, have the physical strength, ability and fitness to jump on the boat and, pull themselves up the ladder after the dive.

SWIMMING ABILITY - All our activities take place in an open ocean environment, and conditions can be choppy. Guests for any activity, including snorkelling and introductory dives, need to be strong swimmers capable of swimming at least 200m unassisted with no floatation device. If you or any guest are not a strong swimmer, our experiences are not suitable for you. Snorkelling at Julian Rocks is an open ocean experience and therefore previous snorkelling experience is mandatory.

WEIGHT AND SIZING RESTRICTIONS - For operational and safety reasons, there is an upper weight limit of 118kg for individuals (fully clothed) taking part in any trip. Our wetsuits are used as floatation devices, a safety requirement for our launch. Therefore, in addition to our weight limitation, we are also body size restricted by our range of commercial wetsuit sizes that range from XS to XL only. Please click on the link below to check on sizing and whether you will fit into one of our wetsuits. If your body will not fit into one of the wetsuits we stock, you must provide your own wetsuit. If, on the day, you do not fit into one of our wetsuits and are unable to provide your own, we will be unable to take you on the boat and also unable to reschedule, credit or refund the booking.

Sundive Wetsuit Sizing Chart

PREGNANCY - Scuba diving whilst pregnant is not permitted and snorkelling in the third trimester of pregnancy is also not permitted. Due to the dynamic environmental conditions and sometimes physically challenging and demanding launch, we highly recommend that our snorkelling trip is avoided in all stages of pregnancy.

DIRECTIONS - Click HERE - For directions to Sundive

QUESTIONS? - Please send us an email to or phone the shop within normal working hours on 0266857755

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